SolRx sunscreen yields 97-100% effectiveness AFTER 8 HOURS on the wearer, even with 6 hours in the water.

Solrx, products are used worldwide

Solrx has been proven time and time again to stand out above the rest.

Our products have been extensively field tested in the USA, Rocky Mountains, California, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, Canada, Australia, South Africa, The Caribbean, South America, Europe, the Himalayas, Bali, Mentawaiis, Fiji, New Zealand, Antarctica, Afghanistan & Iraq.

Some users of our products include The U.S. military, world class professional triathletes, professional surfers, The Hawaiian Waikiki Lifeguards, The Bondi Lifeguards of Australia, and many other professionals.

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SolRx ‘WaterBlock’ Waterproofing Explained

Here's a general synopsis:

In order to make an emulsion (lotion), traditional technology uses what is called an oil phase and a water phase. The various chemicals in the mix are segmented into these two phases, mixed, heated and blended. There are chemicals in every emulsion that are in there specifically to hold the mixture together. What we ve accomplished is unique: we actually take the sunscreens and use the mixing of those, as the oil phase.

We therefore, don't need to add any oils to the mix, to make it so, we achieve an oil-free product. The waterproof system is unique in the industry: nothing else used by anyone else is even similar. Without divulging anything proprietary, the essence of this system is that we use ingredients not used by anyone else in the business. The product, while in its state in the tube, is not waterproof: it becomes waterproof once applied to skin.

One or more of the ingredients actually changes chemical structure and part of it evaporates into the air, allowing the waterproof system to bond to the skin. The system is light, won' t clog pores, and allows skin to breathe. There is no body core heating associated with this system, as there is with some of the drug store sunblocks. There is a carrier lotion, of course, to deliver the system to the skin. Once in water, that goes away, leaving only a slightly perceptible presence of the product.

Lab tests, performed several times during the last 14 years, have repeatedly shown the system to perform to 100% level, every test, every person. This, too, is unique to us - all other sunblocks use an averaging system to obtain theirSPFf rating. For example, 20 people are tested, each has his own spf rating using their products, and the average is the allowable FDA claim for SPF.

In our product's case, every person tested rated the same, and each person rated the same SPF at the start of the test, as she did at the end of the test. The conclusion is that the product provided its full label claim protection during the entire test period and experienced no deterioration during the 8 hour period during which the test was conducted.

Both features are exceptional against the norm. We have had various people, involved in extended field-testing of our products. They would apply the product and then wash off with only fresh water, no soap. What we learned on several different tests, was that the product would remain on the skin, providing sun protection, for 3-4 days!

To further this, we had a horse breeder in Kauai, Hawaii. She was having trouble with the horses muzzles burning on the light colored horses. After applying our SPF #35 sunscreen, she found that it would be on the 4th day that she would need to reapply.

We've been contacted by four climbers to tell us they were on climbs to the Himalayas using our products, where everyone on the climb, except them, came back with lip problems.

Our lip product performs equally exceptionally to the sunscreen. SPF #30 in stick form and SPF #30 in oz jar also happens to be the best in the business at preventing sunburn lips, salt water irritation and wind chap. These formulations are exceptional. Himalayan climbers and climbers to McKinley and Mt. Rainier have told us that once applied at base camp, then on 3-4 day climbs without re-application the product provided almost full protection even at serious altitude, with one application.