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Radx Radiation Therapy has helped thousands of patients in both the US and internationally since its introduction in 2003. Developed in conjunction with oncology nurses and doctors, these over the counter (OTC) lotions are used in hundreds of cancer centers to prevent radiation dermatitis and are specifically formulated to provide immediate pain relief, reduce inflammation, and help aid in keeping all dermal layers of the skin hydrated.


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For 30 years, Rubber Ducky has quietly lead the sunscreen industry in development, first with SPF, then paba/paraben free, then with waterproof product, manufacturing under a variety of names. Now with our 100% natural product, the company's purpose is to bring to the consumer safe and effective sun protection products that go on clear, clean and dry, and stay on during water sports or other athletic activity.

rd44squeeze100ml MLSQUEEZE

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Top quality sun protection for active outdoor New Zealanders